Executive Protection (Concealed Protection)(Kid Friendly)


Executive Protection (Concealed Protection)(Kid Friendly)


This package is added and recommended for anyone who has kids, and other pets yet still need outstanding levels of protection. Ourdogs are trained to switch between aggression and friendliness with strangers upon command.

Executive Protection K9s are available to go anywhere you want, and can stay home guarding your home and children while you are away.

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This Package includes all levels of protection including proper training for accurate protection work around your kids and pets, and knowledge of gentleness with all kids and other pets in your home.

This process takes one and a half years to complete from a young age. Dog must have the nessasary traits for this work. Dogs will be turned down if it does not posses what is needed.

K-9 Attributes

*Levels 1-4 protection On Leash/ Off Leash

-Lock on threat on Command

-Display Aggression On Command

-Shut Down On Command

-Bite On Command

-Hold Bite on Command

-Release On Command

-Send Off / Last minute call off Attack

-Friendly On Command

-Will Guard Children without Command

-Will Guard Property on Command

-Protection Concealment (everyone will think you have a service dog) ;)


*Obedience On Leash/ Off Leash












-Distance & under high distractions


-Indoor Manners

-Place (will not leave bed until told so)

-Accepting on Command to all guests

-Can play with your child.

-Loyal & Loving