Welcome to Ultimate K-9 Training LLC. ! 

We believe in a unique, customized training experience for both dog and owner. We tailor our training program to each individual dog to maximize results and achieve each client's specific goals. 


The Mission of Ultimate K-9 Training is to support and create the customers individual idea of a lifestyle experience, meeting the needs of all concerned by utilizing Specialized canine evaluation, and specialized canine training techniques in a family oriented setting resulting in the "Newly Trained Family" to live the life of their dreams.

Our Services

Protection Training

Behavior Modification & Correction

Obedience Training

Obedience Training

Breeding, Rescues & Adoptions

Our Approach

Each dog and the experiences that they live is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help your dog reach its full potential. We deliver custom solutions, tailored to your dog's personality and your goals, your expectations, your one-of-a-kind challenges. We accept all breeds, and can train in-home or board on our ranch.


The guarantee

We know training your pet is an important part of your relationship, and we want to assure it is completed correctly, and as quickly as possible. That is why we have our 2- WEEK OFF LEASH GUARANTEE & 1-WEEK ON LEASH GUARANTEE (IN HIGH DISTRACTION ENVIORMENTS). 

Send your pup to our ranch for 2 weeks of boarded training.* We have a full team on on-site trainers, and pets are never left alone. They get full the attention and training required to correct behaviors or add protection training. 

After the 2nd week of training is complete, our staff will spend 3-4 days training you! Training is in your private home and other public areas around you to assure all new behaviors will continue with your family. 

Our team will also conduct home visits to check in on both dog and owner. If you ever feel like your pup could use a refresher, you are always welcome to drop into one of our group alumni refresher courses!

*We also offer full in-home training.

Many thanks to Adrian and his team at Ultimate K-9 Training. You have made it so that I can have a great relationship with my dog as well as having a service dog that could possibly end up saving my life one day as we saved her life when we adopted her.
— Jerri, Palm Springs
In 7 days Adrian gave myself and my dogs our lives back. I went from being dragged down the street by 200 pounds of dog, to walking with my dogs off leash obediently heeling next to me. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you’ve done for us!
— Teresa, Seattle
UltimateK-9 Training is amazing and Adrian is AWESOME! Adrian worked with our high-energy 4 legged pal (Emmet) and turned him into an obedient member of our family.Thanks, Ultimate K-9 Training!
— Serg, Indio
Adrian really is the Dog whisperer. He did wonders for my 7 year old German Shepherd. You will get results no matter how old or bad your dog is.
— Damon, Manifee

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