Bella (German Shepherd)

Bella has earned to be the dog of the month. Bella is the "Ultimate K-9", multi-talented in Protection, Detection, and incredible Obedience. Bella still is an affectionate, loving, sweet dog who loves her owners. Keep up the great work Bella! 

Dog OF the month

Sorry not your average dog trainers

We believe that you should not have to carry treats, nor toys to have your dog obey your commands. We also believe that your dog should obey under all distractions such as dog parks, stores, and everyday life scenarios. Take control of your life, and be able to take your dog anywhere.

After Training is complete, we begin the owner's handler course to ensure and guarantee life long results. This is were owners learn how to handle their freshly trained dogs, and ensure their dog is responding properly to each and every command.

Every dog is different and the experiences that they have lived as well. This is why we must evaluate and gather all history as possible to find the correct training method the will best fit your dog.


  • Obedience Training
  • Personal Protection
  • Puppy Training
  • Behavior Modification
  • House Breaking
  • Sports Training


Once identifying the dog, we will know how to train the dog and create a plan tailored to your specific situation. 

We have a successful Board & Train Programs personalized to your needs and goals. We take your dog to a higher standard of being. Each dog must be taught their new expectations, in order to be held accountable by their handler.

Handler Course

Training plan