Private Training

Training plan


Every dog is different and the experiences of each individual dog differ as well. An evaluation is needed to see the drives, motivations, and temperament.

After Training is complete, we offer follow up sessions available to the busy everyday owner. To ensure and guarantee life long results.

Exclusive 1 on 1 training is available by appointment only. We are "Hand On", and oh yes, you will learn to be a responsible dog owner, and teach you to become the "handler" this means we train the dog in front of you from start to finish.

Once identifying the dog, we come up with the training program to  take your dog to the next level. 

Sorry not your average dog trainers

We believe that you should not have to carry treats, nor toys to have your dog obey your commands. We also believe that your dog should obey under all distractions such as dog parks, stores, and everyday life scenarios. Take control of your life, and be able to take your dog anywhere.


  • Obedience Training
  • Personal Protection
  • Puppy Training
  • Behavior Modification
  • House Breaking
  • Sports Training

Dogs OF the month

Bruce (left) & Fanny (right)

Bruce a Shih tzu pup, and Fanny an adult Dachshund are the dogs of the month. Bruce used to be dangerously out of control, and now is balanced which allows his owners to enjoy time together. Fanny was a rescue was returned back to her shelter many times. What they did not know is that Fanny is actually Deaf, and has partial blindness. Fanny, now knows her basic obedience with hand signals, and is able go for lovely walks with her owners. Her story has inspired me, shows that every dog has hope as long as their sweet, warm heart is still beating.